Precinct Officials

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Precinct Official for the Beaufort County Board of Elections. Please read the following information concerning Precinct Officials and if you are interested, please contact the Board of Elections at


    • Must be a registered voter
    • Must be a resident of the county in which the precinct is located
    • Must not be an elected government official or a manager or treasurer for any candidate or political party
    • Must not be a candidate in the election


    Precinct officials are recommended by the political parties and are appointed by the county board of elections for a two year term beginning in August of odd numbered years.


    • The CHIEF JUDGE is the head official and is in charge of election day activities, as well as picking up and returning election day supplies.
    • The JUDGES work closely with the Chief Judge and are responsible for conducting the election in the Chief Judge’s absence. They must sign all official documents and serve on a panel to resolve any challenges along with the Chief Judge.
    • The ASSISTANTS serve when needed and at the discretion and direction of the Chief Judge.


    All officials are required to attend training sessions conducted by the county board of election prior to each major primary and general election. Trainings are usually scheduled the week prior to the election and usually require two to three hours.


    Precinct officials are compensated for their time spent in training and for election day.

    • Chief Judge: $275.00 per election
    • Judge: $225.00 per election
    • Assistant: $225.00 per election


    Precinct Officials are required to report to their polling place no later than 6:00 am. Polls open at 6:30 am. Polls close at 7:30 pm. Precinct Officials are required to stay after the polls close to preform assigned duties and will not be permitted to leave until tasks are complete. This could be as late as 10:00 pm.