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    Timely registration is a precondition to voting.

    Click HERE to find out your registration status in NC.


    Voter Registration Application/Update Form & Instructions

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    If you are a North Carolina resident, please use this form.  Processing of your application will be facilitated if you mail the form to the Board of Elections at the address on the right.

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    Si usted es residente de Carolina del Norte, por favor use este formulario.  La tramitación de su solicitud se facilitará si envía el formulario a la Junta Electoral del Condado a la dirección de la derecha.

    Registration Deadlines
    Registration application forms must be either postmarked or received by the Board of Elections no later than 25 days before the election in which you wish to vote.

    Same Day Registration

    Eligible individuals may register and vote during the one-stop early voting period.  This “same-day registration” process is currently permitted due to a preliminary injunction granted under a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, but this option remains the subject of ongoing litigation in federal court.  Please check back at this website for updates.  Click here to check your voter registration status. 

    An individual who is qualified to register to vote may register in person and then vote at a one-stop absentee voting site in the person’s county of residence during the period of one-stop absentee voting. To register and vote under this statutory provision, you must:

    1. Sign and complete a voter registration form, attesting that you meet each eligibility requirement under law. Such attestation is signed under penalty of a Class I felony.
    1. Provide proof of residence by presenting: a North Carolina drivers license; a photo identification from a government agency; or a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document.

    Registration Requirements
    To vote in Beaufort County, you must be:

    • A U.S. Citizen
    • A Resident of North Carolina and this county for 30 days before the election
    • At least 18 years of age on or before the next general election
    • Not registered and not voting in any other county or state
    • If convicted of a felony, your rights of citizenship have been restored

    If you move out of your precinct, but remain within Beaufort County, you should notify the board office in writing of your new address.

    Pre-Registration Requirements - initiated in 2010. A U.S. Citizen who is at least 16 years of age may Pre-Register using the North Carolina Voter Registration Application. Applicants who are 17 but who will be 18 on or before the next general or regular municipal election will be processed no earlier than 60 days prior to any partisan or non-partisan primary election. One must be 17 1/2 to vote in a partisan primary election. 17 1/2 year olds may not vote in school board elections. An applicant who is too young to be processed as a voter at the time the application is submitted will receive a letter acknowledging that the Board of Elections has received the application. The application will be retained in a queue until applicant is of age for the application to be processed through the voter registration database. If an applicant under the age of 16 submits a pre-registration application it will be denied and the applicant will be sent a denial letter. Mail Forms to: Mail completed voter registration applications to: Beaufort County Board of Elections, PO Box 1016, Washington,  NC  27889.

    Registration application forms may also be obtained at the following locations:

    • Board of Elections Office
    • Public Libraries
    • Persons having business with the N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles may register to vote with the DMV

    Changing Party Affiliation - deadline is 25 days before the election. If you wish to change your party affiliation, you must complete either a Voter Registration Application Form (downloaded from address above) or complete the reverse side of a Voter Verification Card that has been mailed to you, and return it to the Board of Elections. All changes must be either postmarked or received in the Board of Elections office at least 25 days before the election.

    Verification Process
    After a voter application/update has been processed, a voter verification card will be mailed to the voter indicating their correct precinct and polling place location.


    Election-Day Voting

    The traditional method of voting a ballot on the designated election day in person continues to be one of the ways in which voters cast ballots. 

    Absentee Voting

    Absentee voting is comprised of two methods by which registered voters may cast ballots other than the traditional method of appearing in person and casting a ballot on the day of the election. These methods are absentee by mail and absentee one-stop.  

    Absentee by Mail

    Any voter registered in Beaufort County can request an absentee ballot from the Beaufort County Board of Elections prior to the last Tuesday before the election.   An application and ballots will be mailed to the voter after the receipt of the written request.  Click here for more information.

    Early Voting

    Any voter registered in Beaufort County may choose to vote early which begins the third Thursday before the election and ends the Saturday prior to the election. Dates, times, and locations vary by election and will be posted prior to each election on this site and in the newspaper.

    Voting Equipment

    Beaufort County uses voting equipment with optical scan technology that allows for paper ballots to be marked and read with a device that records marks and leaves a full paper trail of marked ballots.  For more information, see Voting Equipment Used in Beaufort County.